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About Perth SEO started many years ago out of a small home office based in Perth WA. From a one-man show it grew into a respectable Perth based SEO Company providing SEO Services mainly for clients of well known advertising agencies .

Being involved in internet marketing & generating respectable sales as affiliates - we got noticed and approached to assist with a company launch. The rest is history. Since then we were involved in many international company & product launches providing SEO Services and creating large authority content websites for our clients.

As a result our SEO Team has grown way beyond the Perth office we started from originally. Today our team members can be found all over the globe. All of them joined our team trough introductions & referrals. Ranging from SEO Experts to Content Marketing Specialists (with large content writing teams).

 We are still based in Perth Australia. However we do travel allot depending on project locations and requirements. Meeting our clients in person is important and we make sure it happens throughout the duration of our working relationship.