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You can now work with "The SEO Team" who has created more than 100.000 qualified buyer leads

for one international MLM company using Search Engine Optimisation alone. industry so competitive that most people won't even dare to enter it..

Dear Business Owner,

If you're reading this letter, then you have an interest in increasing your website rankings and traffic. Maybe you have tried this "SEO Stuff" by yourself or perhaps you have hired a SEO Company but all you got was no results and disappointment.

We hear similar stories very often, of small business owners paying month after month for SEO services and seeing no results. Believe me I understand your frustration as I have been there myself many years ago when I tried to rank an Engineering Company. I paid over $5,000 to an SEO Consultant upfront and saw no increase in traffic or rankings at all.

I believe the main reasons for poor SEO Services these days are courses which are teaching how to become local SEO Consultants or Experts. These courses teach, or attempt to teach how one can target small business owners, like you and offer to increase their website rankings. This seems like an easy way to make few dollars and many SEO Experts are born overnight..

... but who actually loses out? You and other business owners just like you!

Ranking a website on first page is not rocket science. It is not even that hard to do, but it requires work. Work that most people or SEO Companies are too lazy to do.

Continue reading to find out how you can take advantage of my existing SEO Team who was part of creating more than 100.000 qualified buyer leads for international direct marketing company using SEO techniques...


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Our SEO services are available only for one client per industry.

At Perth SEO Our Clients Come First, It's All About You & Your Business!

Our Company Offers Search Engine Optimisation Services Tailored For Your Business & Our Top SEO Team Will Make Sure You Get The Best Results.

  • SEO Tailored For Your Business

    Not all websites and industries are the same. We offer 3 SEO Packages however each is tailored and tuned to PERFECTLY suit your business.

  • Top Quality SEO Content

    Content is one of the most important SEO requirements. We write targeted content for your website/blog and for all other online distribution. 100% unique Guaranteed!

  • Exclusivity For Your Industry

    We will NEVER take another client in the same industry as YOU unless they are targeting different states or countries. No conflict of interest!

  • Your Own Top SEO Team

    Our customers are NO1 – and that’s why we have an SEO Team which has proven track record of delivering rankings even in the most competitive industries globally!

  • Trackable Ranking Results

    We track all the SEO efforts which are put into your business website. You will get a monthly update showing you just how well you are ranking!

  • No Contracts & Setup Fees

    We don’t believe in SEO Contracts. There should be nothing tying you to any SEO Company. If you want to cancel our service at any stage you can. Our deal is month by month.

What Makes Us Different From Other SEO Companies?

This company (Perth SEO) was at one stage very popular and was used by many high level marketing agencies in Australia for ranking their clients websites. Over time we developed relationships and started working with international contacts. We worked on many company and product launches which quickly turned into an exciting venture. The local SEO market was getting saturated with new SEO experts and so called gurus that we decided to step aside for a while - knowing very well that most of them will give up & quit as the promised overnight riches won't happen as they thought.


Yes, we got to work on some amazing company & product launches. Many of these were in industries with huge competition where most people wouldn't even dream of entering. Let-alone competing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Sure we did have big budgets & got to build big SEO Teams but it was not easy. Nevertheless we did exceptionally well and in one case created online properties which have generated over 100,000 highly qualified buyer leads for our client.

Top right, you can see a casual meeting at a 5 star hotel in Shanghai - where we discussed SEO and content strategies which outperformed our clients PPC team in lead generation. Now we can confidently say we also specialise in global authority website creation and optimisation! That sounds cool.

So why are we here now?

We still have a decent sized SEO Team with members form many different parts of the globe. Such team puts us in a great spot and we would like to keep most of them so creating another stream of work will help us to do so.

Always On The Move!

Yes always on the move. Australia, Singapore, China, Malaysia and anywhere else we need to go. So if you expect a funky office in Perth CBD then we are not the right guys for you.  But if you after someone who will get you to top of search engines for your business keywords - then we can talk!

Strategy meeting day before we met with the clients

SEO On The Go - Working from Hotel To Office

SEO Services Perth

 Are You Ready To Rank On Page No.1?

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Our Perth SEO services are available only for one client per industry.

Who Is This SEO Service For?

We know that each business website is unique and that we need to treat it as such. Even though SEO tasks performed for most websites are similar in nature, they differentiate hugely when it comes to the actual SEO Action Plan. Understanding your market, customers and competition first is very important for us. This way we can target our efforts to achieve the right results.

This SEO service is for you if...

  • You have started a new business & need exposure for your products & services
  • You have upgraded your website and lost your rankings
  • You have used SEO services before but had no results
  • You have tried SEO by yourself and not much has happened
  • You feel “stuck” and can’t work out what to do from here

If anything here sounds familiar, then we can help.

On the other hand there are few more cases which get us really excited!

This SEO service is definitely for you if...

  • You want to dominate the local search results for your industry
  • You want to position yourself as the authority in your field
  • You want to create & own the biggest authority website in your industry and....
  • You have a large enough budget + desire to create an "online content empire" and become the authority nationwide...

What our Clients are saying about our Seo Company Perth & our Seo results!

  • Sallie Tanuwidjaja Sallie Tanuwidjaja Starlink Design
    I’m Sallie from Starlink Design. Starlink Design is a creative design agency based in Perth WA. specialise on creating a cutting edge graphic and web design. I’m really fortunate to have met Alem from Perth SEO, because he helped me a lot in promoting Starlink’s website online. In 3-4 months, Starlink’s website has jumped tremendously to first page of Google. If you are thinking to advertise your website online, i would highly recommend to use Perth SEO service.
  • R Whitby R Whitby Different Companies
    Perth helped us gain top search rankings efficiently and quickly allowing our organisation to reach a much wider client base and dramatically increase our web traffic and customer hits. Alem and his team are dedicated to total customer satisfaction and are results driven professionals. Understanding and capturing a large electronic customer base are of vital importance to small business and Perth SEO tailored a plan to suit our organisation and the results are testament to their skill in the black art of SEO. I would not hesitate to recommend Alem and his professional team to any small/ large business operator.
  • Emanuel Emanuel Private

    After reading the tips I contacted Alem and arranged a meeting. He was very helpful and direct without trying to sell me anything. Our meeting went well and we decided to give to market One of our websites. The progress has been smooth and our rankings, traffic and sales increased. They are now looking after all our 4 websites from the SEO and marketing side. What stood out is that Alem understands marketing and not just SEO. I have learned from him and highly suggest to meet with or contact him, if you are looking for a true SEO and Marketing Expert.


  • Steven (Manager) Steven (Manager) Private
    As a large marketing agency we use different SEO Companies to increase clients rankings. Early 2011 we contacted Perth SEO and contracted them to optimise two of our client’s websites. Fast forward to early 2012 and they are taking care of more than 70% of our clients SEO needs. They are by far the fastest and best performing SEO Consultants that we had the privilege to work with. More than anything their pricing structure is fair and they are always honest and upfront when it comes to cast, ranking, time etc. For anyone looking for a SEO Consultancy, Perth SEO comes highly recommended. More than happy to provide an in-person testimonial over the phone if required

Start using our Amazing SEO Team before your competitor does. Our SEO Services are affordable and come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

There are limited Spots for SEO Services Perth & each spot comes with an Exclusivity Guarantee. Once we have one SEO client in an industry the doors will close for everyone else who is competing for the same traffic. Just as we have always done it. You would be surprised how many SEOs have competing websites on their client base.

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Our SEO services are available only for one client per industry.

Some More Information About Perth Seo!

What Else Do We Offer?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most efficient way to get targeted customers to your business website. Customers who want your goods and services NOW. At Perth SEO our main goal is to identify what exactly your potential customers are looking for and rank your website for those terms.

Local SEO

Every day, more and more people are looking for local businesses offering services. Local SEO is more important now than ever since smart phones are used with GPS/Location enabled. Search engines automatically display local businesses closest to them. Using Local SEO can help your business stand out in the search Engines. This is not a difficult process, but needs to be done right in order to be effective. Here at Perth SEO, we have successfully completed more local listings than we can count - we know exactly what to do and more importantly what not to do.


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is very important to compete online. Especially in competitive niches/industries. This is usually the first step in SEO where your website gets analysed for On-Page Optimisation and adjusted accordingly. In many cases our clients rankings improve only by fixing this step.

SEO Content Writing

Good content written for the readers is essential element of a great SEO campaign. Content Is King - and we treat it like this. We have a team of great writers ready to unleash Amazing, Unique and SEO Optimised content for our clients. Soon you will have hundreds if not thousands new articles published all over the internet with high quality links pointing to your website.

Our Commitment To You

100% Satisfaction Guarantee & 110% Money Back Guarantee

Just as you are committed to your business, we are committed to ours – and our business is our clients! For us to be successful our client’s SEO has to be spot on! We commit to our clients and our clients do the same. That is why we still have the many of our 1st year clients with us.

We offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means we will make sure our SEO Service delivers on agreed rankings and traffic increase. If we do not increase your rankings and traffic as agreed we offer you a 110% Money Back Option.

Yes, you not only get your money back but we will give you another 10% on top for your troubles. We can make that % whatever you like as ALL our SEO agreements have been fulfilled.

 For this guarantee to be valid there are two conditions on your part. 1 – You agree that during our engagement no one else will be working on your website or SEO. 2 – You follow our suggested changes for all on-page SEO.

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Why SEO? +

Imagine how profitable your business could be if:

Your potential customers found your website at the top of search engine results every time they look for the products or services you offer!
Your website is found at the right time, when your prospects are ready to buy?
You get all the traffic that your competitors are currently getting?
Right now, there are allot of customers searching on Google, Yahoo and Bing for exactly what you are offering. What are you doing to position your website in front of them?

The correct answer should be: – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This means improving all aspects of your website to help it position on page 1 in main search engines. It is the process to make your website into the most relevant for the terms (keywords) you can use to position yourself right in front of hungry buyers… When they are looking for your products or services!

The more relevant the search engine thinks your site is, the higher up in the results it places your business.

Why Choose Us? +

SEO is what we do – It’s all we do!

We don’t build websites, apps or any other services which do not directly influence your rankings. For any other service (if required by clients) such as web design we use local freelancers and always at acceptable price. For a 5 page business website our clients pay under $1000 and it looks better than $5K websites built by many agencies.

Ok, Back to SEO!

If you are wondering if we can improve your rankings’ the simple answer is “YES”. At the date of writing we have achieved more than 4000 “Page 1 Rankings” and we can do the same for you.

  • Can we improve your search engine results? – Yes We Can!
  • Can we drive more traffic to your website? – Yes We Can!
  • Do we use “White Heat” techniques – Yes We Do!
  • Do we guarantee improvement in rankings – Yes We Do!
  • Are there any hidden costs? – Absolutely Not!
  • How many page 1 rankings have you achieved? – With all client and private websites, we lost track long time ago.


Our team members are bunch of entrepreneurs. Between us we own more than 100 high traffic and very popular websites like: fitness websites, article directories, news websites, business directories, golf, fashion and many more – Many of those websites are a Business on its own!

With us you are in right hands!

More On Seo Strategy +

Perth SEO has strategies in place to get you results.

The world of online marketing has too many false promises.  I must strongly encourage you to understand that no one can really guarantee you top search engine ranking. If a SEO Company promises you #1 ranking – I would say Run…

Google has said that no one can guarantee you #1 ranking. Read Here!


SEO strategies are typically made up of two components:

  • On-Page-SEO
  • Off-Page-SEO


Those factors that we control on the website itself are called On-Page and those factors through the Internet, or outside of the website, are called Off-Page.  It is believed that roughly 30% of the weight of rankings is influenced by On-The-Page and 70% is Off-The-Page Optimisation. Many SEO guys always argue and discuss this point as it changes with each algorithm update.


Let’s explore both of these and discuss how we can achieve your company visions:


On-Page SEO

Proper SEO is a fine art with little science mixed in. Your website has to be optimised with the right structure and keywords. It is important to understand that many web design companies cut corners when designing websites. This might have a great impact when we talk about your positioning on the search engines.

At Perth SEO we study your current website, analyse and identify all the errors your site might have which is then presented to you in a report. In fact, we have never come across a site that had no errors prior to our company working on it.


Off-Page SEO

As mentioned above it is important to remember that off-page factors represent around 70% of the weight of your ranking results.

We will study you direct internet competition and show you in a report what you should do and how we can improve your rankings. As well as analysing all the keywords relevant to your business and showing you just how many people are locally searching for services.

You will be surprised!

There are many business benefits to utilizing SEO services, such as:- Ongoing Promotion to Your Site


- Increased Customer Base Through Effective Traffic Targeting
- More Sales
- Effective Improvements to Your Pages
- Great Return On Investment (ROI)
- Increase Your Site’s Accessibility
- Search Engine Friendly Site
- Customer/ User Friendly Site
- Easy Implementation
- Improving Your Site- Or a brand new SEO Optimised Site
- The Benefits of a Long Term Position
- Cost Effective Marketing
- SEO Blends with the Current Style of Your Site
- SEO Creates Effectiveness
- Boosting Your Brand’s Visibility
- Fast Results

How Does On Page SEO Work? +

The content and the text that is placed on your web sites pages are considered to be On Page SEO. This technique is used for editing your page and it’s content to be searchable in the search engines when a web surfer is trying to find a topic that relates to your website.

On Page SEO or search engine optimization began with the first of the search engines. The technology was started simple while the World Wide Web was still small. As the World Wide Web grew larger it has become more complex for search engines to tell the difference between your site and other sites. A Search on “Chairs” could bring back s million pages that have incorporated the word “Chair” in their pages. The more sophisticated technology of Off Page SEO has begun to overtake the search engines as the World Wide Web has continued to grow in size and complexity.

On Page SEO is in place to make sure your website and its pages are as search engine friendly as they can be. If your website is not optimized for keyword searches you will not have very good results with the major search engines. You should ensure that your website is properly indexed by the major search engines for optimal performance. You need at least one link for each of your sites that will take the user to another page or site. Unique and original content is a must for each and every page.

Your meta tags need to be arranged properly having your pages title tags and description tags that are describing the content of your website pages. Ensure the page title tags are no longer than 68 characters and the descriptions tags are no longer than–8 characters but have more detail included. Label all the different headers on your web pages using H tags. The web page URL will ideally be SEO friendly as well using the mod re-write for Linux and Apache hosting for IIS redirect for Windows. You should really try to make your URLS describe the pages content they are associated with.

Links on your pages should be complete and checked often for any links that may be dead. Use descriptive URLS for images that are placed on your site instead of just numbers for the filenames. All images should be labeled with descriptive alt attributes to ensure the best optimization.

Using anchor texts links within your page to redirect traffic to the other sites is highly recommended. If your site is selling cars parts then you should have anchor links placed in the text car parts wherever the word appears on your page. Check that only one version of your site is active within the searches.

No need to waste Page Rank on any pages that are not needed for search engines. Use the rankings for pages that are more important for receiving traffic. Use the rel=?nofollow? tag in those pages. This tag can also be used for pages that you don?t trust or simply do not want to assist in the search engines results.

Be sure you have good code that the search engines can read properly. The W3C validator can be used for checking your markup. Follow these simple steps for On Page SEO and you should have good results in the search engines as well as good rankings for your page.

Before You Start +

Today, it does not seem difficult trying to find SEO consultants.  Australia has definitely embraced the digital age and business owners are using the internet to their advantage.  Most companies, ranging from small scale to large scale businesses, have their own website.  They also invest in various online advertising techniques; and have been more present and active in social networking sites to interact with their clients.

When you have your own business, you want to create and maintain a certain image that you want to send across your target market.  Huge companies often have their own public relations officer or PRO.  PROs are responsible for grooming you, taking care of your company’s image, and “selling” you.

On the internet, SEO consultants function much like PROs.  Only, they develop and keep up your website’s online visibility and popularity.  Search engine optimization is one of the techniques used to make your website have a page one ranking in search engines like Google.  SEO consultants are experts in this field and can help your business with your cooperation.

But just like in any kind of partnerships, there are certain ingredients to make your professional relationship work.  Some business owners often unconsciously sabotage their relationship with their SEO consultants.


Trust skilled SEO consultants

It may sound cliché, but yes, trusting your consultant is a must.  After all, you hired him after carefully scouting for the right one.  Trust in his judgment, skills, and ideas.  This doesn’t mean you cannot make any suggestions.  It simply means you should not second-guess their moves all the time.


Make information readily available

SEO consultants greatly rely on the information about your business that you provide them.  This is their basis for determining the keywords they need, the layout of your website, and the marketing strategies you need.  For example, telling them that your business taps just the teens in Australia only when they’re done with your website is a mistake both of you will suffer.


Realistic expectations

Quality requires investment in time.  Getting your website to rank high in search engine is definitely the kind of result that demands careful execution of every needed process.  Doing this right means investing a couple of months or so.  Expecting an overnight success is very unrealistic.


Inconsistent image

Your consultant will definitely monitor results and continue to work on improving your online visibility.  However, the kind of image that has been developed for you on the internet must be consistent with the actual business.

Your business may look very professional online, but once customers actually call and you do not have telephone ethics, you just jeopardized your business.  Your consultant can drive traffic to your website, but you have to make sure that your business is truly ready for the kind of customer volume you’re asking for.  Appearing professional just does not cut it.  You have to be professional.


Working with your “online PROs” does not mean totally leaving everything to them nor does it mean controlling their every move.  With cooperation from both sides, you’ll find that SEO consultants are assets to your business in Australia.

Do I Need A Blog? +

Increasing your website’s online visibility requires search engine optimization or SEO.  Blog writing or blogging is one of the techniques that SEO experts in Australia and other countries use to improve a website’s ranking in search engines.

In the world, Universal McCann reports that 77% of internet users read blogs.  More than 60% say that they blog to get more income.  Almost 60% of bloggers have become somewhat famous in their field because of blogging.  In Australia, it is estimated that almost half of the internet users in the country blog.


Increased product knowledge equals increased word-of-mouth

When you receive a flyer about a product, you do not entirely see all the details you want to know about it.  It simply gives you the highlights and maybe some of the “frequently asked questions”.  On the internet, your business website features your products or services and probably a little more description.  However, because you want to engage your visitors, you do not want to bore them with every bit of micro details.

You can give any additional detail about your product that you want to tell your target market by having a blog.  SEO keywords will definitely find room in your entry, and will therefore help rank your page better.  The more people know about your product, the more chances that people will spread the word.


Valuable information means higher ranking

Creating a blog as an SEO technique, with of course valuable information, makes your website valuable to both search engines and your target market.  For example, you are selling running shoes in Australia.  You can write about topics like running tips; marathon preparations; and running in different conditions and cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth.

These various topics let you use popular keywords that your target market uses when searching online for businesses that offer products similar to yours.  Most importantly, these articles are the kind of information that your target market would consider relevant to their needs.  If internet users feel that what you have in your site is important, then search engines will rank you higher.


Increased popularity results to better online visibility

One way to boost your popularity online is when people share your blog entry.  When you have a button on your site that allows your visitor to conveniently share your entry in their social networking sites, your popularity dramatically grows.

Keep in mind that social networking sites like Facebook are viral in nature.  Facebook says that an active member has an average of 130 friends.  If one member shares your post, more than a hundred people will actually be aware of your existence instantly.  Imagine if each of these 130 people and each of their friends further share your blog entry.

Once your post gains popularity, search engines pick this activity up and you now have a bigger possibility of getting on the first page of Google.  Through further SEO techniques, your blog can get more followers from Australia and other parts of the world.

How SEO Helps Businesses +

Promoting your business online means you become acquainted with the term “SEO”.  Western Australia is one of the rapidly advancing business districts in the entire country.  With more people in the state putting up their business and utilizing the internet to promote it, SEO companies are also keeping up with the demand for online marketing experts.


Western Australia

The Australian mainland is composed of these states – Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales.  Of these, Western Australia has the largest land area and comes in fourth in population.

Perth, the state capital of Western Australia, is known as the “City of Lights”.  It has also made The Economist’s list of the World’s Most Livable Cities in 2010.  Perth is one of the business districts in Australia, which has grown tremendously over the years.


The growing internet market

SEO companies have found their way home in Western Australia.  The country has more than 17 million internet users, which is about 80% of the entire population.  According to Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS), nearly 700,000 people in Western Australia have internet access.  Majority of those who moved in the state did because of work opportunities.

According to the publication released by the Department of Commerce, Government of Western Australia, almost 90,000 work in the professional, scientific, and technical services.  This industry includes computer-related jobs.  In a separate statistics information by the government, 70% of the small businesses operated from home with the internet playing a huge role in their business.

Searching “SEO Western Australia” in Google generates more than 6 million results filtered by location.  There are more than 18,000 local monthly searches and almost 400,000 global monthly searches for SEO companies.  With the kind of demand that business owners in the country have for online marketing experts, it is no surprise that SEO in Western Australia has almost become a business staple.


How SEO helps businesses

Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique used by online marketing consultants to increase your website’s visibility on the internet.  It further has different tools and methods that are used to market your business.

Optimizing your business website for search engines like Google has been proven to help increase sales.  First, it raises your business’ popularity by creating a buzz.  This can happen through shared posts in social networking sites like Facebook, for example.

Second, this activity and popularity are then picked up by search engines.  Such activities may mean that your website is considered valuable by internet users.  Because search engines provide search results that they think are most relevant to the internet users, having valuable content and popular online presence leads you to the top results.

Being on the first page of Google, for example, means that your business has more chances of getting visitors.  From studies, internet users mostly stick on the first page of search engines.  They check out the websites on the first page and rarely click on the succeeding pages.

When your business has more visitors, needless to say, you have more possibilities for sales.  All these activities are made possible by SEO, which businesses in Western Australia have learned to embrace.

What To Look For In SEO Company +

The right SEO company in Australia for your business possesses two things – beauty and brains.  You can get the most intelligent and skillful SEO consultant there is, but if his work attitude is abysmal, you’re looking at stressful and frustrating months ahead of you.  Of course, it can’t be all beauty inside.  All charm and no brains make Jack, well, a poor businessman.

SEO or search engine optimization is the most common way to make your business website more visible to search engines like Google.  With various processes required and many techniques involved, optimizing a website for search engines do take time for the results to be successful and long lasting.

Over the last few years, SEO companies in Australia have been sprouting like mushrooms.  Because more and more people in the country are using the internet, business owners find their way to their target market through the World Wide Web.  It’s simply a cheaper yet more effective way to promote your business.


The Brains - Technical know-how

Much of the work in SEO requires technical skills.  As a business owner investing in an SEO company in Australia to market you, you simply cannot afford to hire one who still has to have a manual beside him to construct your website.  Part of what you’re paying for is their knowledge plus the time you will save.


Knowledgeable on the latest SEO

You don’t want to buy a typewriter when you’re already in the computer age.  It’s the same in promoting your business online.  You want your consultant to know the latest marketing methods that fit your business needs.



I am sure that there are many new talented SEO consultants.  However, hiring an SEO expert to promote your business is like putting your life in the hands of a surgeon – the more experience they’ve got, the safer you feel.  There are many things that real life experiences can teach an SEO consultant that books or the internet can’t.


Can customize a service

Marketing cannot always be by-the-book.  It’s just not “one size fits all” kind of thing.  Because every business is different, you also get different target markets, which give you varying responses and results.  An SEO company should be able to evaluate your business needs and then come up with a plan tailor-fit for you.


The Beauty - Patient and can simplify technical terms

We’ve all heard it.  Patience is a virtue.  It’s a must-have quality that every SEO company should possess.  Because not all business owners are familiar with how search engines work, they would surely appreciate a patient explanation of it in layman’s terms.



An SEO company in Australia or anywhere in the world must be transparent with any steps that they’re going to take to improve their client’s online presence.  A company that is not clear with what they’re doing should raise concerns.  Black hat SEO is something that search engines take seriously and you do not want that in your website.



SEO is a long process, where much changing and testing are applied.  If your consultant is not up for it, and tells you that it’s impossible to increase your ranking in search engine, then you’re better off looking for another one.  Dedication is one of the things you want in an SEO company in Australia.

SEO Specialist +

With the internet making more marketing tools available for website advertisement and promotion, almost every business owner is starting to hire his own SEO specialist.  Australia has growing business districts, which are also home to many SEO companies.  Search engine optimization or SEO aids in improving your website’s online visibility to increase visitors, therefore potentially increasing sale.

This whole process involves several tasks that only a committed and skilled person can achieve – an SEO specialist.  Australia-based SEO companies have dramatically increased its population over the years and have been sharing SEO techniques and tips as well.  Let’s take a look at what exactly an SEO expert’s job is.



Just like a soldier, an SEO specialist must be ready for any kind of battle.  In the World Wide Web, the battle is all about search engine ranking.  To be well-equipped, he does his research about his client first.  The client’s nature of business, products, services, and target market are just some of the information that an SEO expert needs to get him started with his mission.  His research helps him with one of the most vital aspects of search engine optimization – keywords.


Analyze, evaluate, and solve

Before any constructing happens, an SEO expert analyzes his client’s website.  He looks at its present status in search engines, its construction, content, and just about everything else that affects a website’s ranking.  On top of this, he also examines the competitor’s website and sees what they’re doing right.  He then evaluates the situation and comes up with the solutions to the problems.


Implement and execute SEO strategies

Now that the SEO specialist knows where his client’s website stands, he identifies opportunities for search engine optimization.  This could be anywhere from creating blogs, submitting articles, or restructuring the website.  Once the appropriate and necessary strategies are determined, he then applies these and puts them to test.  At this point, the “organized-chaos” begins.  He may need to work side-by-side with other colleagues, such as content writers, to help execute his plan.


Monitor performance and results of strategies

Every strategy used and applied is monitored over a period of time.  Using various tools and measurements, the SEO specialist once again evaluates which methods are working and which ones need tweaking.  Around this time, he checks if his target market in Australia or other countries are actually reached and responding to the strategies.

When it comes to ranking first in search engines like Google, it simply is unpredictable.  Getting on the first page of Google takes time, skills, and lots of patience.  An “expert” guaranteeing a top result in Google is not to be trusted.


Update self with the latest trends

An SEO expert’s work is never done.  Every expert continuously educates and updates himself with the latest trends in his chosen field.  Especially in the internet world, new techniques are always coming out.  If this is where you get your bread and butter, you simply cannot afford being left behind.


Perth-SEO offers affordable search engine optimization service packages that will suit your business needs and budget.  They have been in the business for seven years and have served more than 400 satisfied clients. Perth-SEO is an SEO specialist based in Australia.

SEO Packages? +

Choosing the right SEO company for your business also means comparing their SEO packages.  Australia-based online marketing experts have professional SEO services bundled with other great online services that altogether improve your website’s visibility.  It’s simply more practical.  Think of it like combo meals you see in fast food chains.  You get more for less the cost.

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the many ways you can increase your website or webpage’s ranking in search engine results. SEO involves various techniques, which are often offered by SEO companies separately or as a package.  Because we know that availing SEO packages are more economical, what should you look for in a package?


Package Inclusions

This is one of the factors you can use as a basis in comparing SEO packages.  Australia has numerous SEO companies offering packages that are somehow similar with what other companies have.  Put each companies’ package inclusions side-by-side and see which one best suits your business’ needs.

Most companies include the following services in their packages:  keyword research, web design with SEO techniques, article submissions, blog posting, and more.  Remember that just because it’s a package doesn’t mean it’s always reasonable.  You still need to know what type of services you actually need for your business.  Perth-SEO, an SEO expert based in Perth, Australia can give your company a free consultation.  This way, you can have a thorough assessment of what you need for your business.


Duration of Service

Optimizing a website for search engines is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.  That said, beware of marketing consultants promising such thing.  On average, at least a couple of months will build your site, get the keywords in place, and start with various website advertising techniques.  The month or more after that is where you check and monitor the results of the marketing methods used.  Generally, the longer SEO package you sign up for, the more steady and long-lasting results you’ll get.


Frequency of communication

Throughout the entire project, how often could you get in touch with your SEO company?  Selecting SEO packages from companies based in Australia can get you more out of your money, especially if you’re choosing from somewhere in your vicinity.  Although communication is definitely possible over the internet, sometimes, meeting your consultant in person gets more tasks done and more concerns taken care of.


Price – affordable vs. cheap

The common misconception of clients is that cheap equals value for money.  A lot of consultants offer cheap rates, but carefully note what are included.  You might find yourself surprised with a lot of fine print and “mini-fees”, which all add-up to more than what the other “expensive” SEO company is offering.

Often times, cheap rates give you cheap results, too.  Because you’re investing in online marketing for your own business, for sure you only want the best.  Affordable rates mean the SEO company has come up with SEO packages with cost-efficient systems, where they can offer the standard services to their Australia-based clients for a more affordable price without compromising quality results.